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The Girl (2012)

Alternatively described as a prince in a frog suit and a walrus dressed as a man, this biopic paints a most unflattering portrait of Alfred Hitchcock. When the famed director selects Tippi Hedren to star in his next film, the aspiring actress gratefully tells him she will be putty in his hands, and though she initially welcomes his help with her acting, it’s not too long before Hitch’s methods take on a more sinister tone.


This is a film replete with top-notch performances. Toby Jones is quite brilliant as Hitchcock, perfectly capturing the director’s voice and mannerisms, while Sienna Miller believably transforms Tippi Hedren from fragile novice to determined survivor. Imelda Staunton and Penelope Wilton also manage to imbue their relatively small supporting roles, as Hitchcock’s long-suffering companions, with an emotional depth.


As Hitchcock’s fondness for limericks is used to illustrate both his jocular and menacing side, we conclude our review thus - 

It was one of Hitchcock’s many dictums

That blondes make the very best victims

But it was his rep’ that was shot

By the making-of plot

Of The Girl and that film starring Hopkins

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According to the website, the following are just some of The Girl's inaccuracies:


The initial meeting between Tippi Hedren and Alfred Hitchcock is inaccurate and took place in the presence of agent Jerry Adler who denies any suggestive dialogue on Hitchcock’s part.


Production was not shut down after the infamous filming of the bird attack in the attic. 


The Girl implies that Hitchcock deliberately tried to harm Tippi Hedren with broken glass after she rejected an alleged kiss in the car on the way back from Bodega Bay to the Santa Rosa Motel in March 1962. Filming of the phone booth attack took place in mid June 1962, almost three months later. Also, call sheets show that the filming of the pet shop scene took place the day after the phone booth, and there were no visible signs of physical harm to the leading lady.

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