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King Cobra  (2016)

One of the pitfalls in making a biopic about a pornographer is producing a film that is virtually indistinguishable from its subject’s output. Though King Cobra unwittingly features embarrassing acting, pedestrian direction and a distracting soundtrack, it is the shared self-indulgence that sinks this biopic. After an opening ten minutes that features two scenes of masturbation, the filmmakers continue to play with themselves for too much of its remaining running time.


Innocent-looking Sean Lockhart agrees to appear in a twink film for Cobra Videos under the pseudonym Brent Corrigan. Its popularity not only leads to a contract, but also some unwanted attention from the director and an envious fan. Harlow, a male escort and wannabe porn star, dreams of achieving the same level of fame as Sean and is determined to not let anything, or anybody, stand in his way.


Portraying Harlow’s lover is James Franco, in a cast that also includes Christian Slater, Molly Ringwald and Alicia Silverstone. While these former stars of the 80’s and 90’s acquit themselves well in their respective roles, Franco and Keegan Allen’s performances flounder in underdeveloped roles. Rather than providing backgrounds for the character’s motives, the scenes involving the two miscreants appear to exist for mere shock value.


More’s the pity, for the inherent shocks provided by the story’s tale of betrayal and criminality are effectively handled and hint at what may have been. 

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Lockhart left Bryan Kocis' home after a neighbour discovered he was living there, not because he was angry over how little he was being paid.

Years before Kocis met Sean Lockhart, his neighbours were well aware of his secret life. In 2002, police raided his home and took away pornographic material, audio equipment and cameras. He was subsequently charged with sexual assault of a minor.

"…it's not about me. It's Hollywood's attempt at bastardising my early years in porn. These filmmakers didn't care about anyone but their take on it all (and not getting sued). It doesn't matter what A list celebrity is involved.”

Sean Lockhart

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Biopic features a few scene recreations from Sean Lockhart’s early film career, including Cobra Video’s Every Poolboy's Dream.

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