"I won't dance, don't ask me..."

Despite including in his will a clause requesting that no biopic be made of his life, Fred Astaire will be portrayed by Jamie Bell in “Fred & Ginger”. Co-starring Margaret Qualley as Ginger Rogers, the film will explore the couple’s on and off-screen relationship.

Richard Pryor, Your Life is Calling

After successfully acquiring the rights for a biopic on Sammy Davis Jr, MGM has won an auction for the film rights of a Richard Pryor biopic. This would seem to sound the final death knell for the long-planned biopic that was going to star Mike Epps as Pryor.

"Where's the rest of me?"

Filming is currently underway on a new biopic about actor turned President Ronald Reagan, with Dennis Quaid in the title role.  Reagan has previously been portrayed by a diverse range of actors including Tim Matheson, Alan Rickman (!?!) and James Brolin.


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