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Biopic News

Coming Soon

I Play Rocky

After featuring as a subplot in the Chuck Wepner biopics Chuck and The Brawler, the making of Rocky is about to get its own biopic in I Play Rocky. The synopsis reads “A struggling actor with a partially paralyzed face and a speech impediment writes a script that a big movie studio wants to buy, but he refuses to sell it unless he gets to play the lead.”

Another Anna?

While filming continues on Hurricanna, another Anna Nicole Smith biopic has just started production. Starring Australian actress Abbie Cornish, Trust Me, I’m A Doctor is based on the memoir of Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, a physician who was implicated in her death. Kal Penn will portray the doctor inv question with Linda Hamilton joining the cast as his lawyer.

"Frankly my dear..."

Variety reports that Carla Gugino will portray Vivien Leigh in The Florist. The biopic will explore Leigh’s struggle with bipolar disorder in the 1960s as she prepares to lead the Broadway production of Chekhov's “Ivanov.” Leigh has previously been portrayed by Julia Ormond in My Week with Marilyn and Mel Martin in Darlings of the Gods.

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