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Mr Burton

Deadline reports that filming is due to get underway on Mr Burton, a biopic about the man who inspired screen legend, Richard Burton. The film will tell the true story of the relationship between a young schoolboy called Richard Jenkins and Welsh schoolmaster Philip Burton who became Jenkin’s tutor, strict taskmaster and eventually his adoptive father.

Live from New York...

SNL 1975, which will depict what happened behind-the-scenes of Saturday Night Live’s first episode, has firmed up its cast. The screenplay, co-written by director Jason Reitman and Gil Kenan, is based on an extensive series of interviews conducted with all the living cast members, writers and crew. 

Nat King Cole - man

Variety reports that Colman Domingo, who was recently cast as Joe Jackson in Michael, will be starring as the legendary singer Nat King Cole in a movie musical from a script he co-wrote. He will also be making his feature directing debut on the project. Domingo previously co-wrote the play “Lights Out: Nat ‘King’ Cole”.

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